“If/Else, The Musical”, starring Flatiron and Manhattan.Js


I went to the Manhattan.Js Meet Up at Flatiron School on Wednesday night. Speakers included Sara J Chipps (Founder, Girl Develop It), Tom Dale (Co-Founder, Tile-Ember), and Sebastiano Armeli (Spotify).


I did pretty well for being so new to JavaScript… I won two contests!  I won tickets to a sold out event hosted by LittleBits, the ReactJS Meetup on Februrary 24th, AND tickets to the EmpireJS 2015 conference in April.

empirejs copy

Coincidently, EmpireJS 2015 is Broadway themed this year… And I won a free $350 ticket for coming up with the best JavaScript inspired Broadway show title… “IF/ELSE”.

Empirejstweet copy

We’re still fleshing out the music + casting…

IF (Idina === available){

console.log(“We’re going to make a lot of money!”)


} ELSE {

console.log(“We can always see if Lou Ann is available…”)

louanne copy
‘Lou Ann’ (..me), featured in the Jeff Award winning production of “Hairspray” The Musical at Drury Lane Theater in 2012


Of course the first big tech event I’m going to is Broadway themed! You never know where your path will take you…

IF only they knew…

So excited to attend these events and dive into that JavaScript textbook in the meantime.