Before becoming a software engineer, Carly served as Assistant Director for the Freedom For All foundation.

You can help end modern day slavery by becoming a monthly donor:

FREEDOM FOR ALL (FFA) is an international not-for-profit whose mission is to end modern day slaveryFFA partners with nine non-government organizations that are making long-term, systemic changes to end slavery in the United States, India, Brazil, Ghana, and the Philippines. 100% of proceeds to go on-the-ground programs that rescue, rehabilitate, educate, provide job training and shelter to survivors. In addition, FFA creates its own programs and raises awareness about human trafficking through events and media campaigns that have taken place in North America, Europe, Asia, and South America.

As Assistant Director and Director of Media Relations, Carly gained experience in non-profit management, event planning, media campaigns, and social media.

#StopTheNighmare on Upworthy.com

As Director of Media Relations, Carly led a successful international PSA campaign to help raise awareness of human trafficking. Within two weeks the #StopTheNightmare Campaign had over 400,000 views. The PSAs were featured on the front pages of YouTube and Upworthy.com, and honored at a TED conference in June 2014.

*see more of her work in Event Planning section.



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