Early in the morning, risin’ to the street
Light me up that cigarette and I strap shoes on my feet
Got to find a reason, a reason things went wrong
Got to find a reason why my [ code is ] all gone


Code Academy labs surpassed expectations this week. We are now writing all code on the Sublime text editor. Prior to starting this course I was concerned that we would just be learning on the Code Academy browser platform. While the browser platform is great for beginners (me), I feel more confident that I will actually come out of this course with applicable skills. Two weeks in, and I am pretty confident I could start building my own webpages with HTML + CSS. I just have to figure out how to deploy…

The second week was more challenging. The first twenty minutes of class is a lecture; the rest of 4.5 hours is spent pair programming. We had different partners this week. I had the opportunity of being the slightly more knowledgable partner. Coincidently, my partner and I both came from backgrounds in film production.

As a slightly more knowledgeable beginner, I found it important to be cognizant of the following:

1. Slowing down and sharing knowledge

2. Staying confident in what I did know

3. Googling

We had a bit of trouble setting up Sublime at first. My computer did not want to play with it. In fact, it refused to work until we humbled ourselves to it’s power. After 45 minutes of fiddling by myself and the TA, it worked after a hard restart.

 It was my first experience with code magic/mystery.


However, we did finally get it up and running. And ended up catching up to the rest of the class.

We also learned a fun little Sublime trick called ‘Emmet’. He is awesome. He’s a text-editing ninja. And I shall be his student. Homework is to try to memorize the short-cuts this week.


Until then, I have hours and hours of coding a head of me!

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